Office of The Deputy Principal (Academic Affairs)


Quality education and training is a system of learning that produces well educated and trained individuals who can effectively and competently handle matters of concern within their area of specialization. Education and training is more than reading, writing and calculations. It is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and is critical in reducing poverty and inequality. The future of this country is vested on quality Education and Training at all levels of our education system. The foundation of every great nation lies in the Education and Training of its citizenly both young and old. I wish to encourage private sector to shift their corporate social responsibilities funding from entertainment and leisure to scholarships especially in technical education and vocational training as a matter of urgency.

World focus is now centered on Technological Innovation and Information that’s why we train our graduates to bring new ideas to their work environment as a way of expanding opportunities through quality education and training. To live fulfilling lives in this new emerging world and to become an architect of the future, you need to be ready to reinvent yourself throughout your live. Harvard psychologist and philosopher William James at the beginning of 20th century distinguished between those who are ‘’once born’’- who do not stray from the straight and narrow and those who are’’ twice born’’-who embrace fundamental change.

Nyeri National Polytechnic values that our trainees have, internalized are of great value in the arena of the job market and job creation. Academic achievements combined with good values are what make the invaluable wholesome individual
We always remind our trainees about the Nations aspirations of the development blue print, the vision 2030 which envisions to transform Kenya into a ‘’middle-income country’’. This requires a well trained Kenyans to expand opportunities for the country’s growth.

I assure the parents and sponsors that men and women trained in Nyeri National Polytechnic are competently prepared emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. They are equipped with skills and technology to make a difference in this generation and generations to come. The Nyeri National Polytechnic is committed to offering the best and top quality training. The government has provided the state -of- the -art modern facilities for training. Recently the polytechnic has installed smart classroom which is already functional. These are facilities which are found in a world class training institutions. We have done so to make our trainees more competitive and competent in their professions. Nyeri National Polytechnic has continued to grow from strength to strength with the introduction of our eleventh academic department of Hospitality and Tourism and we are determined to offer training in a diverse, qualitative and an interactive platform that creates and nurtures talents among trainees.

That’s why Nyeri National Polytechnic is the place be.