Finance Department

The core function of the department is to manage the polytechnics finances and resources to ensure prudent utilization of resources to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Fees Payment Accounts Are:

Equity bank: 0110291894787
KCB: 1101539208

The categories of students mentioned below should deposit the fee to:

KCB account number 1178564029

  • Holiday tuition/parallel programs and part-time students
  • Students pursuing cisco courses.
  • Students doing grade test

Facilities for Hire

The polytechnic offers the following hire of facilities

  • Wedding receptions/facilities
  • Conferences and accommodation and many more

The revenue from the hire of facilities should be deposited in the KCB account number 1178564029

Income from rent and milk Revenue should be deposited to KCB account number 1101922435

All payments should be in form of money order, banker's cheque or direct credit to the bank account and must be addressed to The Nyeri National Polytechnic.


  • The polytechnic will not be liable for any transactions in cash or otherwise conducted through unauthorized means.
  • No cash transactions shall be accepted.