Computer Science & Networking

Computer Science & Networking Lab

The CS&N department is the newly branded ICT department. It was a section in the business studies department during it early stages of offering in the then Nyeri TTI. It was later integrated to the Electrical and Electronics departments since it lacked ICT professionals who had specialized in computing.

In the year 2008 it became a fully fledged department offering Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) and computer packages. The DIT syllabus was later reviewed and the course name changed to Information Communication Technology. With the revised curriculum the department offers;

These courses are examined and certified by KNEC

The department offers computer literacy course with certification from internationally recognized bodies to the form leavers who are waiting for KCSE results from the month of December through to March.

These courses include;

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Information Communication Technology – ICT Integration

The Nyeri National Polytechnic has not been left behind in the area of ICT. With the automation of its management system since the year 2008, it provides impeccable customer service delivery.

Integration of ICT in training has taken shape through collaboration with internationally recognized certification bodies. Cisco Systems through its Cisco Networking Academy platform, has enabled the institution to offer the following courses;

In collaboration with ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Africa since 2012, the Polytechnic offers internationally recognized computer literacy packages ranging from Microsoft Office through to customized and specialized skills in databases, programming, web and graphic design, computer aided design among others. It is in the spirit of collaboration with the ICDL that the CS&N department will be offering computer literacy skills to persons who have not been able to go to school and would like to be able to interact with the world through mobile phones and the internet. The Digital citizen program released on July 1st 2016 will enable citizens to be digitized and fit in the connected society.

Food for Thought

The world today calls upon us to live “Smart” in terms of technology. This means that we need not struggle to perform tasks that can be easily achieved through proper and intelligent use of the smart devices around us. These devices include your smart mobile phone which has replaced the traditional diary or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), smart watches, smart cars, smart ball and smart goal line which determines whether a football player has actually scored the goal, smart finish line in athletics which distinctively determines the time difference among competitors in terms of fractions of seconds and smart thermos flask, it is indeed smart everything.

Parting Short

Have you ever wondered what is smart about your mobile phone?

The smartness comes from the ability to act without human interventions by use of an intelligent chip incorporated in the phone. The Nyeri National Polytechnic will assist you to understand this technology by training you through Internet of Everything (IoE) and Get Connected courses. These two courses are offered by the CS&N department in collaboration with the Cisco Networking Academy. The courses are actually self paced and there is no minimum qualification. The only requirement is your interest and ability to read and write. The implementation of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we live and do things. Do not get locked out. Get the know-how on getting smart from the best!!