Ajira Training

The Nyeri National Polytechnic is one of the 150 online work training centres that have been given the mandate to train Kenyan youth how to access and do jobs online.

Due to the escalating youth unemployment the government launched the Ajira Digital program aiming to train at least 1 million youth by August 2019.

The 150 centers are spread across all the counties and the GoK is aiming at providing affordable internet connectivity to these centres.

What is ajiradigital?

It is an online program aimed to introduce Kenyan youth into online digital work and provide the tools, Training and Mentorship needed for young people to work and earn an income with dignity.


  1. To demystify meaning of online work and make known to new freelancers the tools and resources for earning income online
  2. To identify the steps for and effective online job search and embrace freelancing as a source of employment
  3. To help participants understand and develop the necessary soft and technical skills needed to work online
  4. To equip the participants with requisite knowledge and skills to find online jobs, bid successfully for jobs and earn an income online
  5. To gain freelancing experience in dealing directly with online clients with varying demands, geographical locations and time zones
  6. To develop virtual teams and working relationships with other freelancers online with various knowledge-based professions beyond an individual
  7. To provide mentorship and follow up mechanism for the new online workers in order to enhance productivity for increased incomes

A group of students who completed their module III have taken the training and soon we will be having success stories as they stabilize in online jobs.

At The Nyeri National Polytechnic student will be enrolling for training as they continue with their normal program. The training will be free and will be offered on a first come first served basis. The basic requirement to undertake this training is basic computer skills.