The office of career guidance/services is one of the non-academic departments in the Polytechnic. In the month of June 2018, the Ministry of Education launched the office of career services. On 23rd January 2019, institutions of learning were directed to establish these offices.

Career Guidance Office

The office is meant to play a critical role in creating linkages between learnt skills and industry thus offering a platform for seamless transition from learning to earning.

The office of career services in The Nyeri National Polytechnic is helping trainees in career choice and preparation. Other responsibilities of the office interalia include graduate tracking, linkages and partnerships with industries and other training institutions and professional organizations, involvement in workplace learning programs, providing tips and links on securing job opportunities, establishing alumni networks and providing job opportunity sites accessible by trainees and promoting trainee volunteering for exposure and experience.

The institution is giving job readiness services and career development services. This is by providing accurate information about career direction, progression and career training. The Polytechnic is also offering more vocational information concerning the nature and structure of the country’s occupations, industry, labour systems and also the current trends in employment. The Polytechnic in its career endeavour is reaching out to secondary schools and career fair forums for career education and vocational guidance.

The office is looking forward to having trainees make meaningful and informed career decisions.