Covid-19 Sensitization Information

People that get Covid-19 in many cases cannot think it through where and how they got it. That is why I want you to take note of the following:

  1. Don’t use your teeth to bite the ice cream or milk sachet. You don’t know who has handled it before you bought it. Cut it with scissors and pour the contents into a glass or cup before you drink.

  2. If you have to eat bread make sure you toast to warm it because you don’t know who and how it was handled during the packaging. Even the one selling the bread can be infected.

  3. If you have to eat anything packaged like biscuits, yoghurt, ice lolo etc., please wash the wrapper because you don’t know who and how it was handled before getting to you. This is because in the supermarkets people touch and drop things they don’t buy.

  4. For those who like eating roasted maize, avoid the one that is cold. Some people want just one but they will touch all the cobs around before picking one. If you must eat a corn cob, let it be extra hot, insist they warm it on the fire. In case it’s cold tell the vendor to put it back on the fire before you buy.

  5. If you are climbing the staircase (flight of steps in the office or flat), fold your arms to yourself. Don’t touch anything for you can easily pick up the virus from such touch touch.

  6. If you enter cab or ma3 (Matatu), carry your hands as if you have touched poison. Don’t touch yourself and as soon as you disembark (drop off), look for the nearest soap and water terminal to wash your hands.

  7. The virus does not discriminate. It infects everybody (Doctors, Nurses, Presidents of nations, Soldiers, Civilians, neighbours, friends, relatives etc) and there is no cure.

  8. Avoid all forms of gatherings irrespective of the number of people present. It’s for your own good.

  9. Your phone can easily pick up the virus if you drop it on an infected surface. The best place to keep your phone this period is your pocket.

Don’t form the habit of dropping your phone on the nearest desk to where you seat or handing/passing it over to someone to read your message(s) just received. Your phone, like your hands, can pick up the virus from the infected surface or hands and infect you also.

Wash the mask before putting on and sanitize it.

I thought you should know.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Save me…I save you