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Our Key Objectives

The department has courses and modular skill training offered by qualified Staff in response to changing technology, job market and career needs. This is done through harmoniously imparting technology (theory), practice, research skills and Hands-On-The-Art practicum training to the learner in an interactive environment. We are here to shape the learners destiny and to be a change in the world for the better, keeping abreast with the changing technological trends towards the service to humanity.


To be a dynamic and employer driven trainer of highly skilled electrical engineering graduates to meet the local and globally job placement requirements.


To provide the state of the art hands on training in the electrical engineering and allied trades in a bid to have graduates who are creative, enthusiastic and problem solvers befitting the electrical engineering industry.

The Electrical Engineering Department of The Nyeri National Polytechnic has expanded over the time to offer the following courses to a student enrollment of 500:

  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power Option)
  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications)
  • Craft in Electrical and Electronics Technology (Power Option)

Starting as a section of the Electrical Education Course, the Department has grown with the institution. From its inception in 1967 to a fully fledged department in 1996 when the then Nyeri Technical Institute was inaugurated as a Polytechnic and finally to The Nyeri National Polytechnic in 2015.

In year 2013, the African Development Bank sponsored the construction of the Electrical Engineering Department complex and in February 2015 donated equipment for the workshops and the laboratories.

The Department has:
Computer Laboratory
Smart Laboratory for the state of the art simulation and training.

The department enjoys the brand of highly trained staff from the experienced industrialists as well as the vigor of the fresh graduates, which make learning and training enthusiastic and solution oriented.

As a Department, we value collaboration and partnership with other practioners in the Electrical Engineering industry which has yielded the installation of an SPV power system female students hostels (2011), among others. We keep abreast with the current technological trends through industrial visits, professional talks, seminars, workshops and personal initiatives.

Electrical Engineering Department – The Game Changer in the Engineering Trade

Agnes Mwangi - HoD

Food for Thought

The world today calls upon us to live “Smart” in terms of technology. This means that we need not struggle to perform tasks that can be easily achieved through proper and intelligent use of the smart devices around us. These devices include your smart mobile phone which has replaced the traditional diary or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), smart watches, smart cars, smart ball and smart goal line which determines whether a football player has actually scored the goal, smart finish line in athletics which distinctively determines the time difference among competitors in terms of fractions of seconds and smart thermos flask, it is indeed smart everything.

Parting Short

Have you ever wondered what is smart about your mobile phone?

The smartness comes from the ability to act without human interventions by use of an intelligent chip incorporated in the phone. The Nyeri National Polytechnic will assist you to understand this technology by training you through Internet of Everything (IoE) and Get Connected courses. These two courses are offered by the CS&N department in collaboration with the Cisco Networking Academy. The courses are actually self paced and there is no minimum qualification. The only requirement is your interest and ability to read and write. The implementation of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we live and do things. Do not get locked out. Get the know-how on getting smart from the best!!

The following courses are offered in the department:


1 ICT Technician Level 6 KCSE C- or ICT Technician level 5 Certificate or Equivalent 3 Years NNP Regular
2 Software Developer Level 6 KCSE C- or Equivalent 3 Years NNP Regular
3 Software Developer (Web Application Development) Level 6 KCSE C- or Equivalent 1 Year NNP Regular
4 ICT Technician Level 5 KCSE D (Plain) or Equivalent 2 Years NNP Regular
5 ICT Technician Level 4 KCSE Certificate or Equivalent 1 Year NNP Regular/RPL


1 Diploma in ICT (DICT) Diploma KCSE C- or Equivalent 3 Years KNEC Regular (Modular)
2 Certificate in ICT Certificate KCSE D (Plain) or Equivalent 2 Years KNEC Regular (Modular)


1 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA I - III) Professional Open 3 Months CISCO Regular
2 CISCO Information Technology Essentials (Cisco ITE) Professional Open 3 Months CISCO Regular
3 International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Professional Open 3 Months ICDL Africa Regular
4 HCIA Security V3.0 Professional Open 3 Months Huawei Regular

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“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them..”

Seth Godin

Our Market Ready Courses


One-on-one / CEO Coaching

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Business Coaching

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Management Coaching

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Workshops & Seminars

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What Our Trainees Are Saying

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Daniel Johnson

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