The Chief Principal

Mr. David M. Mwangi – Chief Principal

Welcome To NNP

I warmly welcome you all to this Polytechnic website. May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you for finding time to access, view and discover what the polytechnic has in store for you. On 30th September 2016 we celebrated the achievements of 614 graduates in various fields during a colorful graduation ceremony after fulfilling all requirements for award of Higher National Diplomas, Diplomas and Certificates. We recognize that the objective of any Training Institution is to produce high level manpower that is able to address the needs of the society. We, at The Nyeri National Polytechnic endeavor to contribute to the production of manpower with relevant competencies and skills through offering quality training. Towards this end, students are trained in various disciplines that are:

  • Applied Sciences
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Business Studies
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
  • Fashion Design and Beauty Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Department
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Computer Science & Networking
  • Liberal Studies
  • Mechanical Engineering

Our concern is that few ladies are pursuing various engineering and science courses. I wish to take this opportunity to urge all of us to encourage girls to endear themselves to Science and Engineering courses.

We train National Youth Service students who pursue Craft Engineering courses fully sponsored by the Government a clear indication that the government appreciates the importance of TVET.

The elevation of our institute to a National Polytechnic on 9th June 2016 meant a change in our outlook. In order to position ourselves for the transition, we have embarked on an aggressive rebranding exercise and upgrading of the infrastructure. Our physical environment has improved through application of the new colours that we adopted. This has given us a fresh and new look conducive for training and learning. As a result, The Nyeri National Polytechnic is more attractive to the form four leavers and ready to achieve its training objectives. We thank the government through the Ministry of Education for the new status.

It is becoming evident that sports and talents are being exploited not just for entertainment but also as a source of livelihood. The Nyeri National Polytechnic has provided games and sports facilities to our students. We have the institution’s sports calendar which provides for competitive but friendly Inter-Departmental competitions, Regional and National games in both athletics and ball games. We also participate in locally organized sports in our county and this has enabled the institution to be a renowned force in sports both regionally and nationally.

There are various active clubs and societies such as the President’s Award scheme whose objective is to promote social interaction in serving the community as well as leadership capabilities. Through the years, we have actively participated in the ASK Central Kenya Show at Kabiruini Show Grounds. This has given us an opportunity to market ourselves as well as to showcase some of our innovations.

Finally, on behalf of The Nyeri National Polytechnic fraternity, I wish to re-affirm our commitment to fulfilling our noble duty to this country as a training institution to produce quality manpower for the various sectors of our economic development. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need the support of all the stake holders.


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