Liberal Studies

I welcome you all to the Liberal Studies Department. The department started off as a service department whereby the lecturers taught the essential units such as Communication Skills, Social Studies, English and Kiswahili in the institute’s mainstream academic courses. With review of the curriculum, the Life Skill unit has also been incorporated.

Besides teaching the above units, the department started offering its own academic programs in 2011.These are the Library and Information Science as well as Social Work and Community Development courses. Currently, they are offered at both the certificate and diploma levels. It is worth noting that for the last three years, the department has continuously posted 100% pass in the KNEC examinations. This is attributed to the teamwork among staff and students in the department.

In Library and Information Science, our trainees are equipped with skills such as documentation, file keeping, retrieval of information, shelving and re-shelving all which are necessary in today’s fast changing technological world.

The trainees in Social Work and Community Development are professionally trained to facilitate positive social change of individuals, families and the communities they serve. This translates into improvement of human wellbeing, creation of justice through working around social issues such as conflicts, marginalization among others.

Besides the academic programs, Liberal Studies has also spearheaded the Talent Show Program within the Polytechnic. This is aimed at identifying and tapping the different talents our trainees have besides their academic abilities. The importance of talent in today’s world cannot be downplayed and that is the reason all students are encouraged to take part in this interesting exercise.